Admissions Arrangements

Children who are eligible to transfer to mainstream reception class must apply online at

EYFS Admissions

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EYFS Booklet

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Main School

Applications for school places are managed centrally by the Lewisham Admissions Team and places are offered in accordance with Council policy.

If you cannot gain any sort of internet access you can obtain a paper copy of the form from the Admission’s Team on the 3rd Floor, Laurence House, Catford. To apply online go to  On the form you can select up to six schools listing them in order of your preference.

However, there are a number of admissions criteria that apply to offers that are made for places at Torridon Primary School. These are in order of priority:

  • a child in public care; that is a child who is looked after by the local authority
  • in exceptional circumstances, a child may be admitted on the grounds of acute medical or social need, for either them or a family member
  • a child whose brother or sister is still on the school roll at the time of admittance in to Reception Year
  • if after the above criteria are taken into account, priority will be given to children whose permanent home address is closest to the school.

Detailed information can be found on the Councils’ website

Waiting lists will be held for the first term of the reception year only. Those with a continuing interest in a place at a school beyond this time will be required to make an in year application.

In Year Transfers

Parents and carers of children who wish them to join the school, in any class, at any other time of the year need to complete an “In-Year” admissions form.  These are also available at:

The same admissions criteria is applied to all applications with the addition of an “out of education” priority, whereby children who have just arrived in the area are given priority over other children who are already in a school and just wish to move.

Secondary Transfer

Information on the Secondary Transfer process and all the required forms can be found on the London Borough of Lewisham website.

Application Guidance:

eadmissions how to apply online



New parental responsibility protocol from LBL Sep 2020

Communication to Parents and Carers:

29.09.20 Secondary Transfer

Year Six Secondary Transfer Meeting 2020