Our Resource Base


Our Resource Base is a 16 place Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Resource Base. We have two full time teachers, who are supported by a number of teaching and learning support assistants.

In the Resource Base, our priority is developing strong and positive relationships with the children. We develop these through supporting and seeking engagement opportunities with the children through learning and play.

We create a personalised curriculum to meet the needs and development stage of our learners. We base our curriculum around our learners needs and interests. Our curriculum is based on developing social skills, expressive and receptive language, self-regulation skills, positive learning behaviour and independence. Social stories and visual supports are used throughout all our learning.

We use the zones of regulation to teach children the vocabulary to express and understand their emotions and to develop strategies they can use to co-regulate and self-regulate.                       

We aim to integrate the children into their classes for half of their curriculum, but this is individual and based on the learner’s individual needs. Where needed our staff support the children to access their class work but also helping them to gain independence and confidence.

Our priority in the base is enabling the children to build social skills. We achieve this through teaching, many social opportunities within the base as well as reverse integration with the mainstream school.

We treat all learners with kindness and respect and encourage them to reach their potential, develop resilience, learn to understand themselves and build resilience, confidence, and a high self-esteem.

Some of the interventions we do are:

Lego therapy, intensive interaction, attention autism, speaking and listening activities, Zones of regulation, sensory play, shopping, and cooking, learning through social stories, sensory circuit, animal therapy to promote engagement and language.