EYFS Curriculum

EYFS at Torridon

At Torridon, children are encouraged to be independent, resilient and responsible learners.

We help them to do this by setting up opportunities for learning in both our indoor and outside areas which are based on fun, engaging topics as well as children’s needs and interests.

We follow the EYFS curriculum and hold learning through play and exploration in high regard.

The three characteristics of effective learning

1Playing and exploring

2Active learning

Creating and thinking critically

These are taken into account when we plan and guide the children’s activities.

In nursery we have a large open plan indoor space and a garden. Children will have access to both the inside and outside for the majority of their session. There will be opportunities for children to self-select activities as well as adult led activities and small group carpet learning.

In Reception, we have three classrooms. They will come into their assigned room each morning. We have a combined timetable to allow for child-initiated, focused, whole class and small group learning, as well as early interventions.

They have lots of opportunities to explore all the classroom settings and the outdoor area throughout the day. They will engage with specific whole class sessions, including phonics and maths daily. They will also have adult-led focused learning.

EYFS Booklet 2022 – 2023