Our Governors

The Governing Body is made up of parents, staff, Local Authority and community representatives who work in partnership with the school to help provide your child with the best possible education.

 Governors regularly visit the school and are involved in a range of activities which cover areas such as the school’s finances and staffing, the building and environment, pupil achievement, the curriculum and pupil welfare.

The governing body meeting dates 2023 – 2024:

Committees –  all at 6pm Autumn term Spring Term Summer Term
Quality of Education 28/09/23 25/01/24 23/05/24
Children, Families & Community 23/11/23 22/02/24 13/06/24
Resources 19/10/23 07/03/24 27/06/24
Full Governing Board 7/12/23 21/03/24 18/07/24
Sub Committee
Data Group 14/09/23 11/01/24 09/05/24

Model Code of Conduct for Governors can be found at the following link NGA-Model-Code-of-Conduct-2020

Governing Body of Torridon Primary School (Reconstituted 1st   September 2020)

Governor meeting minutes are available for inspection on request through the school office.

If you need to contact the governors please email: admin@torridonprimary.lewisham.sch.uk with the subject line – ‘for the attention of the chair of governors’.

Governor details can be found below:

Date of Appointment: February 2021 to September 2025

 I was appointed as the Local Authority Governor for Torridon Infant and Nursery School in February 2017, and was asked by the Local Authority to stay on as the LA governor for the new Primary School following amalgamation. I’ve lived in Catford since 2007 and have two children who both attend Torridon. I served as Vice-Chair of Governors for several years before stepping into the role of Chair at the start of the 23/24 Academic year. As Chair of Governors I attend all of our committee meetings. I also attend the Data Group meetings, where we regularly monitor and assess pupil progress and attainment.

I work in Westminster as an Evaluation Lead in the Cabinet Office. In my work I provide advice and consultancy on policy evaluation for a range of government departments and public bodies. Before joining the Cabinet Office in 2021, I was the Research and Analysis Manager at the College of Policing, the professional body for policing. I have also worked at the Office for National Statistics. I have worked in the Government Social Research profession within the Civil Service for 20 years and use my background in research and statistics to support the work of the governing board.

I’m committed to working with our diverse and talented governing board to make Torridon the best school it can be for our children, our families, and the wider local community.

Date of Appointment: November 2022 to October 2026

Andy Tinker-Switzer is a dedicated father of two girls, both of whom are students at Torridon School, with one in reception and the other in year 3. His passion for family and community shines through in his involvement with the school and its vibrant atmosphere.

Outside of his role as a parent, Andy is a multi-faceted individual with a wide range of interests. He’s an avid traveler, exploring diverse cultures and cuisines around the world. He loves listening to a wide range of music, and is a keen cyclist.

Professionally, Andy is seasoned in the world of government software development, leading teams across multiple sectors, including regulatory, healthcare, food standards, justice, education, and law enforcement.

Andy’s values the school’s vibrant family atmosphere and is deeply committed to preserving and nurturing it. As a dedicated parent governor, he brings his wealth of experience, both as a father and a professional, to the table. Andy’s mission is to ensure that the vibrant community feel remains at the heart of Torridon, providing an enriching environment for students and their families.

As a Parent Governor, Andy’s role is to bring a parents perspective to the governing board, while ensuring there is a clear vision, ethos and strategic direction, holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the school and pupils, and lastly to oversee the financial performance of the school ensuring money is well spent.

Date of Appointment:  September 2022 to September 2023

I have lived in South-East London all my life and lived in Catford for 15 years. I have two children who are enjoying their time at Torridon Primary School. I have been a primary teacher for almost 20 years and work in a similar school setting. I am currently on the Quality of Education and the Children and Families Sub-Committees and hopeful that my experience as a teacher and passion for ensuring that all children have a happy school experience through which they are able to achieve their best will help me to be a valuable member of the governing body.

Date of Appointment: May 2023 to May 2024

Date of Appointment: September 2022 to September 2026

As a staff governor, I believe that I am able to offer valuable contributions to the governing body, drawing upon my knowledge of the latest educational research and my teaching experience. Throughout my career so far, I have always been determined to ensure that all children make good progress, they are successful and have the skills to follow their ambitions. As a staff governor, I am able to contribute to the strategic direction of the school, whilst always thinking about the best interest of the children.

Date of Appointment:  September 2022 to September 2026

I have lived in Catford since 2011 and have four young children, the eldest three of whom are thoroughly enjoying their time at Torridon Primary School. I am a self employed Project Manager working for law firms and financial institutions in the City. I am currently a member of the Finance and Personnel sub-committee and am actively involved in developing a new ICT strategy for the school.

Date of Appointment: September 2022 to August 2026

Date of appointment: September 2021 to September 2025

After over a decade working in the charity sector, Lorna recently retrained as a secondary school French and German teacher. Lorna brings her experience of fundraising as well as her knowledge of education to the governing board. Lorna lives locally with her two young daughters and is passionate about supporting Torridon to be the best school it can be for the local community.

Date of Appointment: September 2023 to August 2027

Date of Appointment: September 2023 to August 2027

Date of appointment: September 2019 to September 2023

Date of appointment: September 2023 to August 2027

I became a Torridon Governor in 2019 and am currently a member of the Children, Families & Community and Resources Committees as well as being one of two Safeguarding link Governors. I have a background in governance and have supported boards across a number of organisations including research institutions and at the BBC. I also spent a couple of years working in an all-through school in Lewisham which gave me an insight into the many challenges facing schools and hope to put this experience to good use to working with the school to make a positive difference in the lives of the pupils and their families. I’ve lived in Lewisham since 2007 and have two daughters, now in a local secondary school.

Date of appointment: September 2021 to September 2025

I joined the Torridon Governing Body as an Associate Member in September 2021 and became a full Co-Opted member in July 2022.  I took on the Chairing of the Children and Families Committee in September 2022. I am also the lead Governor for SEND and for school attendance.

I qualified as a Social Worker in 1990 and then worked in children’s services throughout my career.  I worked as the Director of Children and Families services in an inner London local authority prior to taking early retirement at the end of 2020 and had responsibility for children and families social work (including child protection, looked after children and children with disabilities), youth work and early help services, so I bring a lot of experience of staff management, budget responsibility and strategic planning.

I am deeply committed to supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged children and families to overcome adversity and injustice and to the provision of high-quality public services, including education, for everyone.

Date of appointment: September 2021 to September 2025

I am Chartered Accountant currently working in commercial finance. As a governor at Torridon Primary school I hold the position of Vice Chair for the Teaching and Learning committee. My support for the governing board helps to analyse the budget and finance areas of the school. I was raised in the local area and take interest in volunteering the community to improve opportunities for the next generation in the education sector.